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Messinia Sailing

Our Policy
messinia sailing

Messinia Sailing

Our Policy
Messinia Sailing

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Our Policy

Bookings:  Advanced  booking is essential during peak season, holidays and weekends.   

Chartering: Privately or per  group only. If there are just one or two of you, you can either pay the full  charter price or put your own group together. 

Chartering is for the whole boat with minimum initial fare for  10 persons. Each additional person is 1/10 of the initial fare, up to 23  persons. 50% discount for kids up to 12 years old is valid only for groups of more  than 10 paying adults. Infants up to 1Y are free!.

Deposits: To secure your cruise  a 50% advanced payment is necessary. Customers who have made a reservation with  a deposit always have priority.

Cancellation-Refunds: As per  signed charter party terms.

Voyage deviation: The skipper can decide at  any time to change the sailing trip or route, or to stop the trip, if there is  any reason regarding safety of a passenger / passengers or boat’s safety. For  the same reasons we may return to the port or commencement point, earlier or  later than scheduled.

Insurance:  Civil Liability  insurance as per Greek Legislation requirements.

The passengers participate at their own risk. Everything will be done to  warrant the safety and wellness of the passengers. However, the passengers are  responsible for themselves and must follow all safety measures.

We cannot be held responsible for injures, damage, illness, or  behavior of others.

We recommend that you have travel and medical insurance. On board there is no  insurance against fire, theft, lost or (water) damage. Claims considering these  subjects are excluded.

Behavior: We expect that every  guest will behave decently and not cause danger or damage to belongings or  bother other passengers and our staff.  If the skipper and/or Crew  believe you are creating an unsafe situation due to extreme intoxication or  failure to comply with safety requests, you will be returned to shore  immediately & no refund will be given.


  • No smoking of any form is allowed in the cabins, saloon and rib  boat. Smoking is not allowed on deck only & providing it is not bothering  other guest   
  • No illegal drugs or substances are allowed. We will be  disappointed if we have to report you to the Coast Guard/Police   
  • If there is any damage to the boat or her equipment, you will be  charged accordingly   
  • Fishing is allowed within legal restrictions. Please always  follow our instructions   
  • Children 10 years of age & under must wear a lifejacket or  lifesaving device at all times when on deck 

Parents -   Please keep an eye on your little  ones at ALL TIMES

  • Do not throw ANYTHING in the toilet. Please use the waste  basket provided. Anyone clogging or vomiting in the toilet will be charged  €100 for the poor guy that has to clean up your mess and disinfect it
  • Do not wear shoes with any type of heel, leather or black soles.  Wear only white soles, or non-marking soles.
  • Do not use sun lotions on deck as they make deck slippery.  Please use only sun creams
  • Pets are permitted provided that they comply with the following  rules:

(1) You  must have a life jacket and leash for your pet.  
(2)  Your pet weighs a maximum of 20kgs  
(3) The  owner is responsible for all damages caused by pet.  
(4)  There will be a € 50 cleaning fee for sanitation. 
(5)  Pets are NOT allowed down below in the cabins and lounge

Assistant  Skipper:  Even though you are sailing with a skipper we expect that  at least one person in your company or group has a knowledge of sailing and  accepts the responsibility to help the skipper if necessary, except if our  experienced hostess or bowman is hired.

Companion-group chartering: When joining any cruise or tour  with your company or group you accept the leader of the company or group or his  representatives as charterer and render. The company has financial  relations/obligations only with the charterer or renter and not with any other  company or group member. For group charters if you wish to share the freight  with other individuals this is your choice.

Acknowledgement:  By booking, signing  the charter party or joining any of our trips and/or activities that means that  you have read and understood the above rules & conditions and that you  agree with them in full.



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Address: Messinia Sailing-My GReen LIFE
Sperchogeia, Kalamata 24100
Messinia Boat Bases: Kalamata Main Port Pier 23,
& Koroni Port


Tel: +30 6977 464 602

Tel2: +30 6950 523 370

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website: www.messiniasailing.com

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