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In Mani gratitude and hospitality are deities.


The center finger of Moria is the land of Mani. A place mysterious, unknown, hard, dry but beautiful, in which human presence is very ancient.
Named after the Latin word "Manus" (Hand). Sailors face “hand shape” Cape Tenaro and named the area Brazzo di Maina. Another version says that sailors made their sails "MAINA" because of the strong winds. The might of the Roman phrase "In Manis" because here was the ancient gate of Hades where the souls (Manes) came to.


Divided into Messinian (aposkiaderi or outer Mani) and Laconian (Prosiliaki or inner Mani).Human presence here dates back to the Stone Age to the Diros cave and the museum. Mani is mentioned in the Homeric or "Ptoliethron" (according to Pausanias' Gerineia'') as being offered to Achilles by Agamemnon. Over the grave of Homer son of Asclepius Mahaonas, who participated in the Trojan War as a doctor, is the village of Campos.


The beautiful Kardamili, at the center of Messinian Mani, has kept its name for over 3200 years. The Merope, the beautiful island, was under the Venetians rule until 1818. Here, in the abortive movement of Russians Orloff, preparations for the revolution took place and the first successful attempt of the revolution began here with the release of the first city - Kalamata.
In Byzantine and medieval times and during the Turkish Autonomy (Mani was never administered by the Turks), this barren place turned the tough people in pirates. They made bases in many places such Itilo and Porto Cayo. The most famous pirate was Gerakaris.  With such hard lands the residents, since early times, turned to the sea and migration.
Mani’s population migrated to Corsica and cities as a result of the devastation. In recent years due to the tourist development of the area, residents have come back and given new life to Mani.


What to admire first in Mani. 
-The haughty mountains, the tallest one is Prophet Elias (2407 m)?
-The castles and watch towers spread across the mountains tops?
-The many caves with Diro standing at the top of the list?
-The about 1000 Byzantine churches?
-The beautiful tower houses of faction with their famous feuds?
-The Vathia, the most impressive village of Mani, and unique in Greece, a representative of a precious cultural heritage of Mani identity? The village has won first place worldwide twice for settlements and landscapes.
-The rest of the traditional settlements?
-The hard, dry and severe nature and the cliffy coasts and beautiful beaches?
-The simple, unique but delicious traditional cuisine?
-The Doric, whose inhabitants are heartwarming?


Messinia Sailing participates in the Itilo pirate festival every year by decorating her boat with pirate flags. Our customers enjoy a spectacle of hard stone untouched nature and crystal-clear lonely beaches. Enjoy them and join us!  We will take you around Mani’s pictorial little villages and sail her coasts. We will show you all of our secret fishing spots and diving coasts. We know all the traditional little taverns and the best hotels, the most gourmet restaurants and luxury stone villas. We can assist you in your selection and to enjoy the best vacations you ever had!


The destinations are subject to the embarkation/disembarkation points and prevailing weather conditions.

Please ask for further information whilst planning your cruise with us




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