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Dazzling Koroni is the destination that lives in your heart!


It’s one of our bases and the place of origin of Messinia Sailing and our Family.
It’s true! We have an uncle from Koroni !! (Unfortunately!!-Hello uncle Nick !!- just kidding)

Who else can show you Koroni better than us?


A coastal scenic town built amphitheatrically on a low hill. It astonishes the visitor with its strong resemblance to Cycladic towns. Narrow steep stairs and narrow streets, low houses painted with three colors, usually white, yellow & blue, blue or red windows. A very "happy" road with strokes of lime at the edges and horizontal, white wall benches, planters with colorful geraniums, leads you through to a small square and to the triangular medieval knight’s castle which dominates the hilltop and overlooks three seas.


The castle consists of two enclosures with ramparts. Worthy of note is the technique of fortifying the castle, the massive gates, built in the Gothic style, the underground tanks in the inner courtyard and the ancient remains of the building material of the fortress.

The view from the castle is unique with large square towers, impressive even today.
It is among the few medieval castles still inhabited today.  A harbour full of sailboats and galleys once took its products all over the world.

Founded in 365 BC by the Boeotians settlers in the ruins of the Homeric city Epia. From the Second BC century Koroni reached its highest peak, at this time it was a member of the Achaean Confederacy (183 BC). The Greek geographer Pausanias, in his book 'Messinia' refers to the original site of the current Petalidi a few miles north. He also mentions several temples of Greek gods and a bronze statue of Zeus. Over the years Koroni moved onto the site of ancient Assini.


In the 6th and 7th centuries AD, the Byzantines built the castle. In 1205 it was conquered by the Franks, who eventually surrendered to Geoffrey Vilardouino. In 1206 the Venetian fleet drove out the Franks and the Venetians remained there until 1500. Then Koroni developed into an important trading center in the shipping lanes to the eastern Mediterranean. In the XIII century, the Venetians built a port which turned into a naval base.


In 1500 it was conquered by the armies of Sultan Vavezid II. Except for a short period of time, it was occupied by the allied fleets of the Spaniards and the Knights of Malta (Habsburg Empire rule in the Siege of Coron) between 1532-1534. when the castle was defended by a few families (Baffa Trasci, Stratigo and Marchiano) and recaptured  by the Venetians again between 1686-1715 after the war of Peloponnesus,it remained under Ottoman rule until it was delivered to the Greek state in 1828 when it was released by the French general Maizon (Nicolas Joseph Maison).

Now a touristic town, Koroni seems to have acquired its former glory, and each year offers tranquility, relaxation and unforgettable vacations to more and more visitors.

Join Messinia Sailing cruises and enjoy the amazing beaches of Agia Trias, Gargarou, Peroulia, Zaga, Memi, Agia Paraskevi and Tsapi.


On your return onboard you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a cold fruit salad whilst waiting for your terrific BBQ of your selection, accompanied by a glass of ‘full bodied” wine from Pylia’s vineyards, with roots back to Homer’s times. Alternatively, you can enjoy amazing seafood and fresh fish at the pictorial little taverns of Koroni, discovered by Messinia Sailing just for you!


The destinations are subject to the embarkation/disembarkation points and prevailing weather conditions.

Please ask for further information whilst planning your cruise with us




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